The Test of Life – Job’s Participation in the Test Part 2

Tests are a part of life. As someone has said, it’s not the test or the trial but our attitude that determines the outcome. To put it another way, there is only one letter difference between “better” and “bitter”

If anyone had the right to be bitter it was Job, listen and learn about Job’s test of wealth, health, and help in this installment of the series, “The Tests of Life.”



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God bless you as you encounter and overcome you tests of life.

New Sermon Series – The Tests of Life.

The Test of Life

We have all been there at some point or another. Everything is going good, life is great and then WHAM!!! Everything is going backward. We are swimming against the current. Things are hard and it hurts. I call these tests.

In a recent sermon series at Wichita Bible Holiness Church we found out that Job experienced a great test as well. This lesson explores how Job studied for his test. He was prepared even though he never saw it coming.

I want to give you the opportunity to learn some great truths and principles through this study of Job as well. Listen as first sermon explores three main principles of preparation for our tests of life.

Feel free to comment about the tests you have encountered in life, and how God brought you through.