Shake By Prayer

A small boy was saying his bedtime prayers with his grandmother. He went through the normal prayer and continued to pray, for quite a few minutes. Finally when he finished and got up his grandmother, who’s curiosity was piqued, asked, “Honey, why did you pray so long?” the little boy looked up with childish innocence and all the sincerity he had and answered, “I heard that, ‘Satan trembles when he sees the weakest saint upon his knees’ so I was going to give him a good shaking”
What great faith that little boy had in prayer. Prayer is our connection to God. Our hotline to heaven. It is direct contact with God.
Paul tells us in Ephesians 6:18 that we are to be, “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit…” What a command to pray always, not just to pray always but to pray in our praying. John Wesley the faithful man of God and founder of the Methodist wrote on this verse, “Praying always – At all times, and on every occasion, in midst of all employments, inwardly praying without ceasing.”
Oh what prayer can do,

An unknown author said it so well when they put it into this powerful poem;

“Prayer has divided seas rolled up flowing rivers and caused flinted rocks to rush into fountains,
Prayer has quenched the violence of the flames of fire and muzzled lions and disarmed vipers and poisonous snakes
It has marshaled the stars against the wicked and stopped the moon and arrested the sun it its rapid pace.
Prayer has burst open iron gates, conquered the strongest devils and commanded legions of angels down from heaven.
Prayer has bridled and chained the raging passions of men and routed and destroyed vast armies of proud blustering daring infidels and atheists.
Prayer has brought one man up from the bottom of the sea, and carried another in a chariot of fire into heaven.
Abram’s servant prayed and Rebecca appeared.
Jacob prayed and Esau threw his arms around his neck instead of plunging a dagger into his heart.
Moses prayed and Amalek was defeated.
Joshua prayed and Achan was discovered.
Hannah prayed and Samuel was born.
Asa prayed and a victory was gained.
Jehoshaphat cried to God and his foes were turned away.
Isaiah and Hezekiah prayed and 185 thousand Assyrians were dead in 12 hours.
Daniel prayed and the lions were muzzled, He prayed again and the 70 weeks were revealed.
Mordecai and Esther fasted and prayed and Haman was hanged.
Ezra prayed and God answered.
Nehemiah simply started a prayer and the King’s heart was softened in a minute.
Elijah prayed and a drought of 3 yrs. Succeeded . He prayed again and the rains started apace.
Elisha prayed and the Jordan was divided. He prayed again and the soul of a child came back to life.
The Church ardently prayed and Peter was delivered by an angel. Surely God’s hands are opened or bound as we pray.
Man’s extremity is still God’s opportunity, for God never never fails.” (Author unknown)

T.M. Anderson wrote in his book Prayer Availeth Much “I am convinced that the people of God have not explored the boundless possibilities of prayer.”
What a privilege is ours if we will only take advantage of it today. Won’t you spend some extra time in prayer today? It is our only hope of revival. It is our only hope of renewal. .It our only hope of restoration. We can vote our values till we are blue in the face, we can lobby congress till we outlaw every evil thing, we can promote good clean morals until every evil thing is out of sight. But I guarantee you our only hope for America is found in this little weapon of PRAYER & REVIVAL. Lets pray in our praying and give the devil a good shaking today.